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Safe Work Australia Month

Being a Safety Ambassador is committing to raise awareness of health and safety in your workplace during October, Safe Work Australia Month. Through this commitment you are helping to achieve the vision of healthy, safe and productive working lives for Australian workers.

A Safety Ambassador for the last four years I enjoy having the opportunity to share with a wider audience my passion for continuous improvement for Workplace Safety and Occupational Health in industry. Below is my safety moment direct from the Safe Work Australia website.

“Safety is a frame of mind - the choises we make and behaviours we display in the workplace can often be our last line of defence to prevent injuries. Ensuring your mind is on the task at hand and that you have good situational awareness of activities around you weather they be vehicle movements or other workers in close proximity.

Consider the bigger picture to manage interfaces, are you putting other workers above, below or close by at risk by your actions or perhaps they are creating a risk to you and your team by theirs. Strong communication and positive safety behaviours help to ensure you go home to your most important reason every day.”

This month I want you to consider what your most important reason is for being safe at work. Mine is the beautiful beaches of Rainbow in Queensland as pictured on our home page. Lazy days and crystal blue waters, time seems to stand still when I'm there and I'm never more relaxed and content.

Have a look at the Safe Work Australia website for reasources and the expansive list of champions that have joined me in registering to be Safety Ambassadors for 2013 ;

Warm regards,

Nicola Kelbie

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